summer soundtrack | I’d Rather Be Your Lover – Madonna


Talking about Madonna in the 90s, we are talking about a real unapologetic bitch, rebel heart, queen of publicity,… She rules the decade with something extravaganza like Vogue, very controversial, shocking Erotica/Sex, tasteful Bedtime Stories and alluring Ray of Light. Talk about her most exciting musical direction? Ray of Light? Nope. That’s absolutely Bedtime Stories, because Madonna nailed the R&B stuff just so well, exactly what she wanted that time, is settling down after the scandalous past.

Bedtime Stories was such an confessing album that she revealed her most vulnerable moment, soft self-mocking-up, or bitching the public media,… in the tone of sweet and melodic R&B. I’d Rather Be Your Lover is obviously Justify My Love’s other-sided version. It’s innocent, romantic but still very confident and full of self-esteem that Madonna couldn’t ever loss. That’s just the past. Now she has lost it.

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