Song of the Day | Françoise Hardy – Oui Je Dis Adieu


Oh dear, I am very obsessed about Mrs. Hardy.

the mid 60s-early 70s in the alternative scene, we have a musical shift from heavy psychedelic rock of The Velvet Underground, The Doors or even some popular band such as The Beatles to the soft-touch of chamber folk – a music genre that combines the guitar and the orchestra together. We know that Leonard Cohen, Nico or Nick Drake,… did it very well – the classic “These Days” becomes an unforgettable moment of Wes Anderson’s film, the deep-down voice of Cohen that suddenly melts our heart on a winter day. Well, at the country of ye-ye-ism, here comes the pop star Françoise Hardy who made the Chamber Folk at its best with her another-signature album La Question. The dramatic string, the poetic lyrics or the sensitive tone on Hardy’s voice steals everybody’s heart, ironically. Françoise Hardy’s vocal also changed in a different way: Tous les garçon et les filles presents us a gentle touch, slowly seductive voice. In her late-60s, it became more mature, melodic and dynamic. We all know she was not 18 anymore… But luckily, Hardy was still Hardy: shy, calm and always elegantly beautiful.

If You Are Feeling… Embarrassed, Here’s For You:


OH EM GEE, My latest bullshit post that could make you feel more embarrassed about the Sixties: you used to be into The Beatles & The Beach Boys, love Audrey Hepburn and adore Twiggy. But from now on, you will love more!

I. This Sammy Slabbinck’s Artwork.

Into the Wild © Sammy Slabbinck

II. Futura Black & LSC Condensed.



III. Nico’s Chelsea Girl (Album).

IV. Oh, and Nico’s I’m Not Sayin’.

V. The Velvet Underground and Nico too.

VI. And don’t forget debut album of Françoise Hardy.

VII. The Ronettes, yes!

VIII. If you are interested, try Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue.

IX. Breathless directed by Jean-Luc Godard.

X. And Ma Nuit Chez Maud, from Eric Rohmer.

Bonus: Try The Royal Tenenbaums if you have never seen Wes Andersons’, and this fim before.


summer soundtrack | I’d Rather Be Your Lover – Madonna


Talking about Madonna in the 90s, we are talking about a real unapologetic bitch, rebel heart, queen of publicity,… She rules the decade with something extravaganza like Vogue, very controversial, shocking Erotica/Sex, tasteful Bedtime Stories and alluring Ray of Light. Talk about her most exciting musical direction? Ray of Light? Nope. That’s absolutely Bedtime Stories, because Madonna nailed the R&B stuff just so well, exactly what she wanted that time, is settling down after the scandalous past.

Bedtime Stories was such an confessing album that she revealed her most vulnerable moment, soft self-mocking-up, or bitching the public media,… in the tone of sweet and melodic R&B. I’d Rather Be Your Lover is obviously Justify My Love’s other-sided version. It’s innocent, romantic but still very confident and full of self-esteem that Madonna couldn’t ever loss. That’s just the past. Now she has lost it.

summer soundtrack | Call It Off – Shamir


Shamir is a great combination of Hot Chip’s music and Scissor Sisters’ queerness: When the bouncy synthesizer had the meeting up with the urban butch-queen lyrics at a coffee shop, they ordered soda-alcohol mix and started bitching how ridiculous this place is… Well, I imagine it all. Shamir’s Call It Off sounds weird for the first time, then the second time it will kill you. While all the heterosexual-also-homophobic bitches are talking about gay music with their worst impression, we enjoy it by our best irony and sense of humor. No Serious. That’s why your music sucks.

FRIDAY NIGHT – playlist of the month


Your Friday would be supposed to have fun, except that it isn’t what you expected. Here my new playlist, which is full of upbeat-punchy-groovy songs can make you feel better. Make your own party with only special guest – YOU, and enjoy the solitude at its best!


1. Time Stand Still – Cut Copy

2. Sadness Disease – Urban Cone

3. Crying – Björk

4. Hercules Theme – Hercules and the Love Affair

5. Hand Me Down Your Love – Hot Chip

6. My Love Is Better – Annie

7. In The House of Yes – Mr. Twin Sister

8. Where Is The Feeling – Kylie Minogue

9. Mannequin – Britney Spears

10. Chicks and Dicks – Junior Senior

11. Sister Savior – The Rapture

12. Fever (Single Remix) – Madonna


TBT Playlist for March 2015 – 60s Revival


Salute all my friends!

Well, I am back! Sorry because I don’t have much time to post something new for you, my friends. New in town, busy with works and project, study and moving, but at least I have had a great time to improve myself more and more. Cheer up cause new playlist is here, right now!

The 60s were such a great period, for me: Psychedelia, Youthquake, Twiggy, Big Eyes, Gogo Boots, LSD, Vietnam War,… When the culture had it own voice, to concern about contemporary social and politique issue. This month playlist contains a lot of 60s songs, from every country such as Vietnam, France, America,… for informing you more about that wonderful time.

France Gall – Les Sucettes

By the time of 1960s in France, Mademoiselle Gall was very popular, mostly of the song written by Serge Gainsbourg, “Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son” (a.k.a. Búp Bê Không Tình Yêu in vietnamese). Well known by her innocence and the girly, cute silly songs, Les Sucettes was such a big hit in France, but also a massive scandal there. Gainsbourg’s cruel characteristic on the lyric was very obvious: talks about a girl who likes Lollipop, France Gall didn’t understand that the song was actually a suggestion of giving head (a.k.a. blowjob). Poor girl.

Françoise Hardy – Tous les Garçons et les Filles

Françoise Hardy defined the golden era of Ye-ye by her elegant song “Tous les Garçons et les Filles”, which learns us that being lonesome isn’t bliss. Sweet tone of voice, slowly-danced drum and guitar are something attracting me for such years. Never getting old.

Thanh Lan – Pendant les Vacances

Not only a popular singer-actress in Saigon pre-1975, Thanh Lan also could sing in French very well. The cover-in-French “All I have to do is dream” is lovely, a bit sad and reminds me of the pique-niques with my friends in the summer. A friendzoned song, maybe.

Tiny Yong – Tu es le roi des Menteurs

Vietnamese chanteuse Tôn Nữ Thị Thiên Hương became popular in France with her stage-name Tiny Yong, has one of the most “jolie” voice that I’ve ever heard. And this song, with the cuteness-overload is something that you should play when you’re in love. Because being fool and jealous is very sweet, huh?


Ánh Tuyết – Trăng Sáng Vườn Chè (Moonlight on the tea field)

Based on the same-named poem of Nguyễn Bính, the Northern atmosphere is very heavy. The beautiful voice of Ánh Tuyết and the blissful string bring us back to the folk heritage of marriage and the virtue of Vietnamese women in the past.


Julie Quang – Hai Khía Cạnh Cuộc Đời (Both Side Now)

The cover-song translated by Phạm Duy, performed by Julie Quang is the more dreamy version from the original Judy Collins’s track, the keyboard sounds shiny, soft and gorgeous. It always give me fresh air or the spring’s scent.

(to be continued)

Buôn dưa lê xóm: Mấy cưng có thích nghe nhạc Indie hôn?


Indie Stereotype (source: Lookbook)

In Đy, In Đy, In Đy. Giờ ra đường toàn thấy In Đy. Không In Đy âm nhạc thì cũng In Đy thời trang (theo Kênh thông tin dành cho giới trẻ). Rất. rất nhiều bạn giờ biết tới In Đy rồi đó. Nhờ công cuộc giải phóng tự do, đem cái mới lạ, độc đáo, ma mị,… của mấy người tên Lana Del Rey, Florence & The Machine, Fun., The XX,… nhiều bạn có dịp được thể hiện cá tính “quái” (còn ghê hơn cả má Lady Gaga đã hết thời) dù thỉnh thoảng vẫn nhăn nhó mặt lẩm bẩm “Ủa sao mình lại nghe nổi mấy thứ bỏ mẹ này nhở?” nhưng mờ cuối cùng vẫn không hiểu nhạc indie là cái quỷ gì 😦

Tìm trên Google thì thôi giời đất hỡi hàng nghìn bài blog, articles, answers cho mấy bạn hiểu rốt cục nhạc Indie có nghĩa mẹ gì. Nhưng mà ngổn ngang mấy bài đấy ý, có những bài có giá trị lưu thông đầu óc (ví dụ như bài viết của Drowned In Sound) nhưng cũng có vài bài viết hơi tắc tịt một tí (của một người tự xưng là nổi nhất nhì cái chuồng rock Việt Nam này đoán là ai không chứ tui biết chết liền nha) như cái bài này. Có người lập hẳn cái list cách phân biệt nhạc indie đọc xong muốn ói, kì công vậy mà cái list vẫn vô giá trị hẳn cũng hiểu nhạc indie phức tạp thế nào ha?

Tóm lại nè, nhạc là nhạc thôi chứ mấy cưng hông nên có cần quan tâm đây là in đy in đủng gì cho mệt nha, cá nhân tui thấy, nhạc nào cũng có cái hay cái dở. Mấy cưng đừng tưởng bở cứ nhạc top 40 là nhạc chợ, còn nhạc Indie thì là nhạc siêu thị. Nhạc pop vẫn có đầy người khiến tui khóc thét (má Kylie nè, má Britney nè,…) mà indie vẫn có đầy đứa hát như muốn vả vào mặt người nghe. Vứt hết mấy cái định nghĩa vớ vẩn, nhạc lý kiến thức blah blah blah mệt háng ấy đi rồi nghe nhạc gì mà mình thích thôi.

Thế cuối cùng, mấy cưng còn thích nghe nhạc Indie nữa hơm?

P.s: tặng các bạn đọc bài hát Cà Rốt của anh Panda Bear, cũng có liên quan tới cái tui vừa viết lắm nhé, tự đi mà tìm hiểu đê!