Song of the Day | Françoise Hardy – Oui Je Dis Adieu


Oh dear, I am very obsessed about Mrs. Hardy.

the mid 60s-early 70s in the alternative scene, we have a musical shift from heavy psychedelic rock of The Velvet Underground, The Doors or even some popular band such as The Beatles to the soft-touch of chamber folk – a music genre that combines the guitar and the orchestra together. We know that Leonard Cohen, Nico or Nick Drake,… did it very well – the classic “These Days” becomes an unforgettable moment of Wes Anderson’s film, the deep-down voice of Cohen that suddenly melts our heart on a winter day. Well, at the country of ye-ye-ism, here comes the pop star Françoise Hardy who made the Chamber Folk at its best with her another-signature album La Question. The dramatic string, the poetic lyrics or the sensitive tone on Hardy’s voice steals everybody’s heart, ironically. Françoise Hardy’s vocal also changed in a different way: Tous les garçon et les filles presents us a gentle touch, slowly seductive voice. In her late-60s, it became more mature, melodic and dynamic. We all know she was not 18 anymore… But luckily, Hardy was still Hardy: shy, calm and always elegantly beautiful.