TBT Playlist for March 2015 – 60s Revival


Salute all my friends!

Well, I am back! Sorry because I don’t have much time to post something new for you, my friends. New in town, busy with works and project, study and moving, but at least I have had a great time to improve myself more and more. Cheer up cause new playlist is here, right now!

The 60s were such a great period, for me: Psychedelia, Youthquake, Twiggy, Big Eyes, Gogo Boots, LSD, Vietnam War,… When the culture had it own voice, to concern about contemporary social and politique issue. This month playlist contains a lot of 60s songs, from every country such as Vietnam, France, America,… for informing you more about that wonderful time.

France Gall – Les Sucettes

By the time of 1960s in France, Mademoiselle Gall was very popular, mostly of the song written by Serge Gainsbourg, “Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son” (a.k.a. Búp Bê Không Tình Yêu in vietnamese). Well known by her innocence and the girly, cute silly songs, Les Sucettes was such a big hit in France, but also a massive scandal there. Gainsbourg’s cruel characteristic on the lyric was very obvious: talks about a girl who likes Lollipop, France Gall didn’t understand that the song was actually a suggestion of giving head (a.k.a. blowjob). Poor girl.

Françoise Hardy – Tous les Garçons et les Filles

Françoise Hardy defined the golden era of Ye-ye by her elegant song “Tous les Garçons et les Filles”, which learns us that being lonesome isn’t bliss. Sweet tone of voice, slowly-danced drum and guitar are something attracting me for such years. Never getting old.

Thanh Lan – Pendant les Vacances

Not only a popular singer-actress in Saigon pre-1975, Thanh Lan also could sing in French very well. The cover-in-French “All I have to do is dream” is lovely, a bit sad and reminds me of the pique-niques with my friends in the summer. A friendzoned song, maybe.

Tiny Yong – Tu es le roi des Menteurs

Vietnamese chanteuse Tôn Nữ Thị Thiên Hương became popular in France with her stage-name Tiny Yong, has one of the most “jolie” voice that I’ve ever heard. And this song, with the cuteness-overload is something that you should play when you’re in love. Because being fool and jealous is very sweet, huh?


Ánh Tuyết – Trăng Sáng Vườn Chè (Moonlight on the tea field)

Based on the same-named poem of Nguyễn Bính, the Northern atmosphere is very heavy. The beautiful voice of Ánh Tuyết and the blissful string bring us back to the folk heritage of marriage and the virtue of Vietnamese women in the past.


Julie Quang – Hai Khía Cạnh Cuộc Đời (Both Side Now)

The cover-song translated by Phạm Duy, performed by Julie Quang is the more dreamy version from the original Judy Collins’s track, the keyboard sounds shiny, soft and gorgeous. It always give me fresh air or the spring’s scent.

(to be continued)